Application – Latin America

Application information to be included in each submitted 25-minute project proposal (1 application x 25-minute project proposal).

Each section must be completed fully for the application to be accepted for consideration. Applications must be completed in English.

The deadline is April 30, 2014. There is no application fee. If you are having technical difficulties with the online application, please email a Microsoft Word version of your application to

Al Jazeera Viewfinder – Latin America Open Call 2014 Application
Producer Name: *
Company Name:
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Working Title: *
The working title of your film
EPG / Short Billing *
What is this story in 150 characters or 20-30 words?
Synopsis: *

Tell us the story in a little detail describing the principal characters, scenes, and elements and how the narrative will develop and resolve over the film. Let us know any unique access you may have. This synopsis is your most critical pitching note – if we can’t ‘get’ the film where we are unlikely to read further. (100-150 words)

Detailed Treatment & Extra Information: *

This is a chance to ‘walk us through’ the film as you plan to make it so we can get a strong sense of the visual story-telling and how the narrative will unfold through critical scenes and sequences. Include how the story will start, develop, and resolve, and describe the critical 6 – 8 actuality-based views you plan to cover. Include a brief note on the visual and filmmaking style. Include a note about access – what you have and have not secured. If you have already shot any elements, tell us about these here briefly and include clips. In the end, you can consist of a few short sentences/bullet points of background/context information, if appropriate – not an essay, just vital information to motivate the film’s relevance to us. (500-word maximum)

Background & Filmmaking History of the Team Whom You Will Work on This Project With: *
This is not just a biography of the director but who is the Producer, the Cameraperson, the Editor, and what projects have you all done together or individually. You can provide Photos, Links, and Video Clips of both your current work as well as any material that will support your proposal. (500-word maximum)

Budget / Production Funding *

(please provide a rough estimate of the overall budget of your proposed project. Our budget structure ranges typically between $45,000 and $100,000 USD -1×25minutes- depending on the needs of the project. All production funding budget estimates are subject to further conversation and consideration)
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