Who Can Apply For Al Jazeera

You’re invited to submit proposals to Al Jazeera for possible commissioning & broadcast in 2015

What are we seeking?

We are looking for documentary filmmakers from Latin America who can tell empowering personal stories that will inspire and illuminate our global audience.

We want you to give voice to the significant issues and the changes taking place in Latin America today. Your stories could be about economic equity, artistic expression, family life, social justice, housing and land, migration, environment, health or education, or any issue that illuminates what is happening in Latin America today. These types of themes are to be explored through personal stories that will resonate internationally.

Whether it be with laughter, tears, anger, hope, or surprise, our audience worldwide should connect with your characters and be gripped by their stories.

We are looking for characters who reveal insight into the human spirit no matter how powerless or powerful they may be in society. We want characteristics who seek change with displays of humanity such as courage and determination, resilience or kindness. These are the people looking into the future or are prepared to challenge the status quo as they strive to overcome adversity and celebrate life.

We want to join your characters on their journeys. We are not looking for retrospective stories, profiles/portraits nor interview-based films. Your accounts need to be visually compelling with intense actuality based scenes and sequences that are key to your character’s storyline. These can be significant and dramatic events or tender, small moments of intimacy.

Our program has two weekly broadcast slots. One is formatted for 25 minutes and the other is for 48 minutes. We are primarily seeking proposals that are for the 25-minute slot. If, however, we receive a proposal that is better suited for the 48-minute slot we will consider that as well.

We strongly encourage you to view our Films to Watch before you send in your Application. Once your proposal is submitted we will query you as to the specifics of the proposal if we wish to further consider it. Please review the application page carefully for further details on what we are seeking.

For this Open Call we are looking for proposals from filmmakers in Latin America that reflect strong visual storytelling as seen in Al Jazeera’s flagship observational documentary strand Witness